Hi, I'm Bev.  

  I do marketing and design   

  (but not for just anyone).   

I specialise in working with charities and ethical small businesses

I can run your social media, write posts and edit images for your website, design your newsletters and run your email campaigns.

An extra pair of skilled hands whenever you need them.  I'm your virtual marketing department. 

About me

I have over 25 years experience of working for charities, social enterprises and professional arts, theatre and dance companies.


I’ve held senior management roles in Marketing, Communications and Business Development, and have been freelancing for over a decade. I'm also an artist and used to be a fire-circus performer! Ask me about it when we next talk.


Whether it's a one-off, a few hours a week, or a big marketing campaign, I can support your business to reach your clients and customers. I deal with all your marketing, so that you don’t have to worry about it.


What's an 'ethical small business'?

Values are important to me and I like to work with people who also run their businesses with honesty and integrity.


An ethical small business enjoys being independent and believes:

- in offering a high quality service for a fair price

- that every client is a real person not simply a walking '£' sign

- in taking the time to build relationships with your clients and customers

- in the right to flexibility and creativity in how you run your business.

If that sounds like you, let's talk!

How can I help?

I'm a cost effective virtual marketing team!

Access all the skills and experience your organisation needs without having to find the budget for a permanent member of staff. I'm here for whenever you need me, no matter how big or small the task.

I speak straight-forward, jargon free English!

Don't know your 'SEO' from your elbow? Not a problem! Just tell me in your own words what you need to achieve and leave the rest to me.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Ask me whatever you like, as often as you like. I’m here to make your marketing work for you, so if there’s anything you’re not sure about, just ask!

I won't sell you lots of fancy or expensive services you

don't actually need.

​I’m here to listen to what you want. I believe in good quality design and marketing that’s tailor-made to exactly what you need, with no pushy

sales talk or expensive extras.



There are no sleazy marketing practices here!

I work with charities and ethical small businesses because you're as passionate about the work you do, and the difference you make, as I am.

Ready to get started?
Contact me for a free and informal chat.